Welcome to JD Shapes

My name is Johan Denker and I’m the founder and shaper at JD Shapes.

I’m from the south of Sweden, based in a small coastal town just outside Malmö and shaping and glassing out of a small shed next to my house.

About me

I’ve always liked to create things and work with my hands.

Surfing mass produced boards with absolutely no soul never attracted me, so I started to shape boards for myself and friends and then it just spread by word of mouth it seems.

My mind seems to work best when I can focus on one thing, and ever since that first board I shaped it’s pretty much the only thing I think about!

About my boards

I mostly shape longboards and a few mid lengths here and there. I shape what I mostly surf myself since that’s what I can relate to the most.

Every custom board has a story, the customer has something in their mind that I’m trying to create and deliver. I spend a lot of time on every board I make and nothing beats the feeling of handing over a board to a happy customer who later sends you a message raving about how well it worked and how much they love the board.

Every board is memorable in some way.